About Regain Media

For five years, we’ve been perfecting the art of generating qualified sellers and buyers all over the US and Canada.

Here you’ll learn: Who we help, What we do, our Philosophy and Story.

Who We Help

We only help real estate agents. Most of them know how to close clients when they're face-to-face, but they lack the structures, systems, marketing, visibility, and lead flow to get the number of appointments they need to reach their financial goals.

What We Do

We help these real estate agents achieve “Listing Paradise” — Qualified leads on-demand, maximum visibility in geographical farm, happy clients and a chill lifestyle. We do this through our program Listing Accelerator. It's designed to maximize: GCI, listings, visibility and agent happiness. Our program aim to minimize: Complexity, costs, rejection, and stress.

Our Philosophy

To help our real estate clients get more clients through our system, we follow a philosophy built on ten core principles:

1. Client First - What's best for our clients is best for everyone.
2. Data - Decisions based on data, not opinions or guesses.
3. Focus - Clients results is the only thing that matters.

4. Integrity - Transparency is the foundation of trust.

5. Simplicity - Don't complicate things, simplify them.

6. Perfection - Always improve and maintain high standards.
7. All In - Hard work, punctuality, proactivity and full commitment.
8. Streamlined - Systems and processes bring predictability.

9. Frugal - Constraints breed resourcefulness.

10. Responsable - Owning and solving all problems we face.

Our Story

Part 1. Introduced To Real Estate

It all started a cozy afternoon in 2017 when my (Mikael Berube's) grandmother began telling me stories when she was a real estate agent back in the days. She kept telling me about how difficult it was to get clients, how other realtors were 'sharks' and how it wasn't a good career to raise a family because she was always working weekends, had a roller coaster income and was living in constant fear because she never knew if and when she'd have her next client. This piqued my curiosity - I researched the real estate industry and talked to other agents to soon realize that the 'old ways' my grandmother was using to get clients were still the ones being used today. 

Part 2. Founded Regain Media

In my research, I realized they were two categories of agents: Grinders and Rainmakers. My grandmother was a grinder - an agent making some transactions sometimes, but never consistently and working way too much for too little. Rainmakers were agents who were absolutely crushing it, making more in GCI every year, building wealth, working less than others and enjoying life. The difference between the Grinders and the Rainmakers I find out was that Rainmakers had a predictable SYSTEM to generate clients at will. That's why I founded Regain Media - to help Grinders become Rainmakers by reforming the way they get clients.

Part 3. Mastered Our Craft 

Fast forward five years later in 2021 and Regain Media became one of the top lead generation agency in the industry. Having helped over 200 agents across the United States and Canada, we perfected a method of generating and qualifying leads that consistently brings results that no other real estate marketing agency has been able to do to date. When we generated $250,000 in commissions in the space of 6 months to one of our clients who was then on track to become #1 in Canada at RE/MAX, that's when we knew we actually cracked the code. 

Part 4. Solving The Real Problem 

I realized all of our clients were dependant on us. If we stopped operating tomorrow, they had to go back at square 1 and had to find and hire another marketing agency. Our done-for-you services were a quick fix to a bigger problem. They didn't had their OWN systems to generate their OWN leads so I decided to 100% focus on teaching them how they can do what we used to do for them, by themselves. Like we say: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Not only did they save a whole ton of money by avoiding our old recurring monthly service fees, but they also gained peace of mind by knowing that no matter what happened tomorrow, they had the skills and knowledge to attract quality sellers and buyers QUICKLY.   

Contacting Us

The best way to contact us is via email - info@regainmedia.com .

You can follow Mikael Berube on YouTube here, Facebook here,Instagram here and LinkedIn here.

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